Monday, March 13, 2006

High Drama In The FB Household

And it was all over a mouse. I had been thinking that we had another mouse in the house but on Saturday whilst Yu-Jin and I were watching a movie he ran past the living room door and looked at me as he did so. Now, there's an expression that a "cat can look at a king" but what about a "mouse can look at an FB"? Set the mouse trap with a walnut as bait.

Earlier on in the day there had been a by-election in Victoria Park and a polling station was set up at the gym. Miky was approached by a representative from the One Nation party and asked if she would like to vote for One Nation. For those of you that don't know, One Station stands for an Australia full of Australians. Foreigners are ok but they must assimilate. They used to sound like a White Australia policy. Funny thing is that Miky can't vote and that One Nation would be at the bottom of the ballot anyway.

When I took Yu-Jin to taekwondo later on the guy from One Nation approached me too. I voted, went to buy a paper, and upon my return he asked me again. Didn't make any difference - Labor won the seat anyway. The voting clerk asked me if I had voted anywhere else today to which I replied, "No, that would be far too much trouble." He agreed and said that everybody said "No".

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Dead mouse in the mouse trap. I left for golf early so I left him there for Miky to see. She hates mice, dead or alive.

Bit of a pain to get to the golf course. The Freeway south entrance was closed to the public and so I had to drive through Murdoch to get down to the Freeway further down. Didn't see any sign for the golf course and stopped to have a look at the map only to find that I had driven five kilometres too far! Managed to find the place ok and got there early enough to get a bit of practice in. As soon as Shayne and Joe arrived we had to head to the tee.

Joe warned us that there were about 200 bunkers on the course. Who should end up in one on the 1st hole? Joe. And he took a couple of shots to get out. I've got it on video. Shayne parred the first and it looked like the week off had done his golf some good. Interestingly there was a bridge between houses, we were on the Glen Iris Golf Course Estate, to go from the 1st to the 2nd. The 2nd hole is roped off along the fairway to keep the golfers away from the houses. There were a couple of householders out using the whippersnipper on the back yard. Why? A rabbit could eat the amount of grass that was available.

The bridge between the 1st and 2nd.

Nice idea to protect houses alongside the 2nd fairway.

The 2nd green at Glen Iris.

String of bunkers on the 510m par-5 3rd, which I avoided, but which looked quite unhealthy to your scorecard.

Heaps of planes buzzed overhead.

We were right next to Jandakot airport.

Joe about to tee off at the 5th.

I'm plugged on the 5th after a very high pitch to the green.

Glen Iris is a tough course. I started with five bogeys in a row and was quite happy with that. Went a bit downhill from there. I didn't visit any water but saw a few bunkers. We played off the championship tees. Shayne played pretty well on the front nine and Joe and I were struggling to get ahead. On the 9th I hit my second shot, apparently, out of bounds. Hit my fourth shot out of bounds. Hit my sixth shot down the middle of the fairway. Shyane was already counting the shots but we found my first ball right up against the fence. I didn't make the most of my good fortune and shot a triple bogey.

A real golfer's hole - the 8th at Glen Iris.

How many tunnels do you see on the golf course?

There were five holes that had a protective fence at the tee to stop your balls going towards the houses and Shayne managed to collect three of them. I had one tee shot where I only just outdrove the ladies tee. Once you get into the bunkers it takes a fine shot to get out of them as many are quite deep with steep slopes.

One of the hole markers.

Here lies Hammy's golfing abilities - R.I.P.

Well done Joe for winning the day. He was certainly the straightest off the tee and that helped. Shayne played pretty steady golf too. Couple of funny moments - Joe hitting out of the bunker on the 14th and put the ball into the tunnel area and on the 18th, with it all to play for, hit it out of the bunker and into an unplayble position in a plant. Didn't matter though as he still beat me by four strokes on handicap.

The bunkers on the 18th at Glen Iris provided plenty of protection for the green.

Scorecard from Glen Iris Golf Course March 12th 2006.

Quick lunch of healthy dim sims made by Miky and Yu-Jin and I drove down to the main taekwondo hall to watch a grading. The place was locked up and nobody was around. What a waste of time and fuel. I'll have to find out on Tuesday what happened.

Arrived home to find that newspaper had been placed on top of the dead mouse. When I brought it into the study to scare Miky she got really upset. I then looked for a screwdriver to empty the trap and Yu-Jin came in with the camera. The camera is the same colour as the mouse and just a bit bigger. Miky went berko. Did her nut. Gee, it's only a mouse, and it is dead afterall.

Later on she had calmed down. Yu-Jin was really keen to read his "Learn the Time" book and was very enthusiastic as he found that he knew at least half of the words. At school he has been given ten lists of words to learn and they come in very handy when reading. We got all the way to about page 8.

Following the reading we went out and bought some icecreams and had a wander around Curtin Uni. It felt quite odd walking around my old uni. For tea we had grilled salmon and non-oiled fried sweet potato and pumpkin with a tomato and cucumber salad. Delicious. Yu-Jin finished his in record time with very little trouble. Reason being, he wanted to read his clock book again.


ben said...

What election was that? I thought you were a resident of City of Canning.

I can vote now... and voting is compulsory here... and I don't when when there is an election on.


Hammy said...

The election to replace the member for Victoria Park who resigned to fight depression - Dr Geoff Gallop.

I think I'm in Canning for the Federal elecorate and Vic Park for the state electorate. Anyway, they sent me plenty of stuff in the mail about voting, my name was on the electoral roll, and that's that. According to the electoral boundaries on page eleven of this publication I'm in Vic Park.

Perhaps your fine will arrive soon. Or maybe you are far enough away from Vic Park not to have to worry.

ben said...

I live in the city of Belmont, and Swan area I think... Kim Wilkie is the Federal guy. Eric Ripper the State one. So I didn't have to vote.

Hammy said...

Wilkie is my Federal MP too. You have your get out of jail card. Ha ha.

Hammysmum said...

Learning to read, the new 'bribary' tool? Now he knows some words, he can write his Granny a 'letter'!

Hammysmum said...

Did you HAVE to add the pic? I noticed it has a mouse painted on it. Is that so
you know what to use it for? ( Tongue very firmly in cheek.)

Hammysmum said...

The golf course looks like a rabbit warren.