Sunday, March 19, 2006

Busy Weekend - Time Now For A Break

Saturday was an early start. Had to have my car down at the mechanics' workshop by 8 o'clock to get the neutral switch changed. Funny how something that took eight years to fail in the first place has failed again within 17 months. Miky came down about 25 minutes later to give me a lift and as I went to find out how long they would be I was informed that the job was done and it was, "One of the easiest jobs the mechanic had ever had." I'm so glad for him. My wallet isn't so happy however.

We did the grocery shopping. Miky had a sleep as she wasn't feeling too well. Yu-Jin and I played Memory, with cards, and a couple of games of Trouble. I set up his waterslide in the backyard and prepared some vegies and chicken for a BBQ.

Fun in the sun.

Following lunch was taekwondo. Yu-Jin appeared a bit lethargic and disinterested. Not that there were many students in the class. Once I arrived home Miky decided that it was high time I cleaned up the newly rendered wall and paint it. Had to agree. Dirty job cleaning off the cement render and I certainly needed my dust mask, goggles and earmuffs. Dust went everywhere. Yu-Jin and I went to Bunnings to get some paint, and some advice, but were informed that the paint we already had would be fine. So by about 7:45 the job was done. Still requires another coat however.

Sunday is golf day and the place was Whaleback Golf Course. Played with Shayne and we were joined by (Mr) Kim, a 12 handicapper. Obviously he is Korean. I was talking about whether he was on holiday or not and although he said yes he told me that he had been here for four months. A few more questions and I discovered that he has a four year work visa, is a welder, works in Kwinana and he knows the husband of Miky's friend - our kids go to school together. The penny dropped and he said, "I've heard about you." It's a small world.

The golf wasn't flash and all three of us were disappointed with our games. Shayne played alright on the front nine and was looking at a decent score but a 10 and two nines on the back nine didn't go to plan. I had a nine on the par-4 12th after hitting my tee shot somewhere close to the Roe Highway, the next tee shot was skied and headed to the right but we couldn't find it and so I had to play my third ball, fifth shot, from the tee. Shayne was too busy counting my shots and had a seven himself. Needless to say I was a bit angry with myself.

Two holes later I hit my drive 230m into the wind. Lovely. Next hole was a 200m drive. Nice. Next hole was in excess of 200m. Great. Following hole was driven onto the next fairway. Back to normal. Kim had six 1-putts on the back nine for only 13 putts coming in!

Glad I got a bit of backspin on this ball on the 7th. It would have been well and truly plugged.

Whaleback Golf Course Scorecard for the 19th of March 2006.

Had a phone call from a good friend, Ben, who used to be my neighbour back home. He said that we haven't seen each other for 13 years but I did see him 11 years ago when I came back from overseas and I popped in to see him in Adelaide once. But that was probably 5-6 years ago. He wants to come over for Easter. Good idea. Miky doesn't like visitors too much but as he runs a Jim's Mowing franchise she reckons that he can be put to work. I'll warn him but it will be great to catch up.

Miky was fed up with having been at home all day so we went out for tea. Really she wanted to borrow some Korean videos from the city and we decided on fish and chips in Victoria Park. I wish I knew the name of the shop as they gave us two pieces of fish and an extra potato cake without charge. Headed down to the Swan River foreshore in South Perth/Victoria Park to eat them and Yu-Jin played at two of the playgrounds there. We also played some chasey which, in hindsight, was quite good for me.

Yu-Jin's reading is coming along nicely. When he gets a new word he spells it out and much of the time comes up with the correct word. That's music to a parent's ears. Especially considering he gets very frustrated if unable to do something straight away.

Back to work for a rest.


Hammysmum said...

Yu-Jin is certainly a 'chip off the old block!' Glad to know he is doing so well Hope Miky is feeling better.

honkeie2 said...

I cant wait until the weekends but there are times I cannt wait until Monday. A busy weekend makes one wish for their queit desk lol