Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

We got rid of a mouse on the weekend. But, another one was still on the loose. He was spotted running into the sewing room as we were having tea last night. And as Miky needed to get something from the sewing room I had to escort her and hold her hand. Yes, she's a sook when it comes to mice.

This mouse was a sneaky little bugger. I laid the trap with a walnut - gone. I tried a sultana - gone too. Yesterday morning I wanted to set it before leaving for work but Miky wouldn't let me as it might catch the mouse (duh) and she would have to see it. So it had to wait until last night.

Just before putting Yu-Jin to bed it was set again with a walnut. It must have been 10-15 minutes later, with the light still on, that there was a loud "snap" and Miky came running into the bedroom all frightened. Well, as the mouse was most likely dead I would finish reading the stories to Yu-Jin before dealing with it.

Take that you little bugger.

Good Deed For The Day

Yesterday on my walk I happened upon a business' retic system that wasn't working properly. This is quite normal and has been that way for some time. I so happened to have a pen and paper on hand so I wrote a note and stuck it in the door about their retic being buggered and wasting lots of water and therefore needing to be fixed.

On my walk this morning I noticed the retic working beautifully at said business. They've fixed the lot and no more water is being wasted. It was a lovely sight.


Hammysmum said...

Where are the meeces coming from? And don't say, outside! I've got that. They usually hale from somewhere, where there is a nest.

Hammy said...

From mummy and daddy meeces, most likely. Perhaps the nest is in the compost bin but I don't know for sure.

Hammysmum said...

You had better find them, before your wife has a nervous break down!

Hammysmum said...

Deb says there may be a nest of meeces in you roof. She said that is where they get into their place.

Hammy said...

I have heard some patter of tiny feet in the roof space. Probably are there. Not for much longer as long as I have a decent supply of walnuts.