Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bit Of New Reading - Blog Roll

I've added a few links to my blog roll. They are sites that I have been reading for a while. You may, or may not, enjoy them. Yes, bit of a slow news day.

Funny Commercials - This guy, or girl, puts together a random set of funny commercials. Good for a laugh.

Lavinia Live - Young journo lass from Pretoria. She also visits Joe's Random Thoughts From NYC and I notice that Insane Tom visits. It's a small world people.

Michelle's World Trip 2005/2006 - Irish lass travelling the world at the mo'. She visits some wicked places.

OzLady Jokes - Ever-growing compilation of good jokes.

Stupid Criminal File - Has to be one of my favourite reads. You know all of those news stories about really dumb criminals? Well, this is a great site that compiles lots of these stories. Heard about the guy who walks up to a police officer, in uniform, in a marked car, and offers him cocaine? That's the sort of story to be found here.

The Corridor of Uncertainty (a Cricket Blog) - Will, the author, writes for CricInfo (Wisden) and his blog is all about cricket. He has a great number of regular contributors and it's a great read. Be warned - you may find that he writes up to seven different stories in one sitting though.


David said...

I've bookmarked the cricket blog. Very English bias, but at least it's not all 'we love Australia' crap I'm used to reading. Thanks for the pick up.

ben said...

I've got to put my html knowledge back.

Could you change a few setting for the blogs you read?

<marquee scrollAmount="2" direction="up" width="160" height="180">

Increase speed and the height a little bit.. because the list is long, I have to wait too much for the links I want to click on.
>marquee scrollAmount="4" direction="up" width="160" height="340"<

Hammy said...

I'll change the scroll speed but I don't want it to take up too much space. And now it's just for mum to complain that she can't click on the links quickly enough.

ben said...

Its small size doesn't make sense, because the blog length to its left is long anyway. If you adjust the table, you could improve the design.

If I had dreamweaver available I would analyse the layout and make improvement suggestions.

Unless its the marquee effect is what you are after.

Hammysmum said...

You got that right! They ARE too fast for me.