Friday, March 03, 2006

A Couple Of Days Of Training

I had a couple of days of training on Wednesday and Thursday. The company that we are a distributor for, Rockwell Automation, is going to be introducing a heap of new services and we needed to know about them. And there was quite a bit of material to go through.

During one of the breaks I managed to get my car's exhaust replaced as a muffler and exhaust shop was just down the street. It was at No. 49, just after No. 45 and we were further down at No. 47. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either. Spotted an interesting car at No. 45.

The catering during the course was from Miss Maud and was pretty damn good. On Wednesday night we ventured to the Mussel Bar in Fremantle.

I had pepper squid as an entree and hot and cold crayfish as a main. When I was ordering it, as it was listed as "market price", the waitress said that it was $75!! Zounds. That was ok with the guy paying though.

Was it worth $75? Yes, as I wasn't the one paying. Man it was nice. And the mushrooms were perhaps the tastiest I've ever had. Delightful. The chocolate plate for two to follow for dessert was perhaps a bit much. I managed to put it away anyway.

Decoration found on the jetty in Fremantle.

Lots of fishing boats parked around here.

In the morning I rose at 5:30 to do some study as we had a role play to carry out and an exam on the 43 new services we had been taught the day before. Don't fall off your seats people but I didn't have breakfast. I was thinking about that later on as I brushed my teeth thinking "this is a waste of time".

We were scheduled to finish at 3:30, expected to finish at 2:30 but were done at about 10 past two. That meant journeying back to work. I had noticed a Super Cheap Auto around the corner and meant to buy some coolant for my car. I'm glad I did as I soon discovered that my credit card was missing. Uh oh. Thought about it and must have left it at the exhaust shop. Yes indeedy. If I hadn't purchased the coolant it would have been a long way to drive to collect it. What a dimwit.

Last Weekend's Pineapple Argument

You may remember last weekend that I had an argument over the price of a pineapple. Well, we haven't eaten it and it appears to have gone bad. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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