Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's Just Like Drenching Sheep

Those of you with a sheep farming background and kids will be able to relate to this.

You would recall having sheep penned and walking around with a backpack full of drench and the drenching gun in your hand. You grab each sheep by the head and stick the gun into their mouth, the sheep lurches, you squirt the drench in, the mouth opens, the head rolls around and then it's all done and everything is ok.

I had a touch of nostalgia the other night after Yu-Jin went to sleep in front of the TV. It's very important that he brushes his teeth before bed. So I grabbed him and sat him on the chair in the bathroom. Still being asleep his body lunged forwards, backwards and side to side. I held his held to keep his mouth open and brushed. Luckily we have an electric toothbrush. His head rolled, the mouth opened and closed, he lurched almost violently at times but remained asleep.

I couldn't help but think how similar it felt to drenching a sheep. Those were the good old days. It doesn't take two minutes to drench a sheep though and there is no rinsing of the mouth to be done. That wasn't too successful as you can't get someone to spit something out when they are sleeping.


ben said...

When my daugther could not brush her teeth properly she would not let me brush her teeth. Now that she can brush her teeth she wants me to brush them for her.

Hammysmum said...

It would not have hurt to let him off just once. I remember when you were his age, if you went to sleep in the car, you were totally disorientated and once, wandered into the bathroom and lay down on the floor and continued your slumber!! I picked you up and put you to bed, of course.

Hammy said...

I remember those days and know just how he was feeling. But I also know how much it has cost us so far to look after his teeth that's why he get's no respite.

Joe said...

Interesting to see how the skills you picked up in your younger years are of value today.

Hammy said...

Sheep don't fart as badly as he does though. I never thought that that skill would come in handy later on in life. I'll put that down to youthful ignorance.