Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tsunami Bits And Pieces

The Thai Govt, from what I've read, deserves brick bats for not sounding any warning of the impending tsunamis. Apparently they knew that they were coming, as a military island had already been swamped, but they didn't want to scare the tourists away. Due to the incredible lack of foresight I believe they have indeed scared away a lot of tourists. The inaction is more deplorable than the second plane to hit the World Trade Center not being shot down. And perhaps more people died as a result.

The English Education system must be in good shape. On a privately shot video an English boy exclaimed, "Look, tsunami!" The obvious choice of wording was "tidal wave" for the uneducated and this boy struck the nail on the head. Well done to the Brits, for once.

Leonardo di Caprio

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