Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Slight Problem At Daycare Today

Yu-Jin is taking part in the holiday program at his daycare centre as he won't be attending after our trip to South Australia. Today they went ten pin bowling. Am I such a bad father to be a little disappointed that my son came third last? His friend Edwin, a Korean boy, won the day, even beating three carers!

Later in the day I received a phone call from Maria, while at work. The only Maria that I know is from daycare, not any of our clients. My heart sank a bit as I thought, "Oh, no. What has happened to Yu-Jin this time?"

Maria explained that the boys had been playing a bit roughly and there had been an accident. Edwin had been hurt, somewhat badly, it wasn't Yu-Jin's fault but he felt really badly about hurting his friend. Edwin's father had been called and he was upset. Yu-Jin became quite upset and needed to be calmed down. I was just be let know that Yu-Jin wasn't to blame and that he had been talked through the incident, just in case he talked about it later as Maria wasn't going to be there when we picked him up.

It was interesting to hear Yu-Jin's side of the story a bit later.
"What happened to Edwin today?" said mum.
"We were fighting a bit too rough and Edwin got hurt. He hit my head and there was blood." - Edwin received a split lip.
"And what did Edwin's father say?"
"Ship pal" said Yu-Jin.

This took Miky by surprise as it means "F*#k!" in Korean. Yes, I don't think that Edwin's father was overly pleased about the incident.

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