Monday, January 03, 2005

Funny Classifieds

I was looking at the classified ads today and noticed a couple of funny ones.

Limestone Bloke - natural, paving, cladding, access....

I'm pretty sure that they meant "Limestone Block".

Microfish Reader - good condition....

I think they mean "microfiche". Who wants to read small fish anyway?

Good Point, Bad Point

Miky started a new game with Yu-Jin yesterday as we walked and he rode back from Bunnings. I guess you could call it, "good point, bad point". The game went like this:
- If Yu-Jin eats all of his tea is that a good point or a bad point?
- If mummy snores when sleeping is that a good point or a bad point?
- When Yu-Jin does some drawing by himself is that a good point or a bad point?
Yu-Jin then answers. If you posed the question, "When Yu-Jin does a fart is that a good point or a bad point?" you can expect the wrong answer. He has a reasonably well-developed sense of humour.

Later that night we went out for tea. On the way home I approached an intersection with a stop sign. I made it known the someone had hit the stop sign, it was bent backwards, and was on the wrong side of the road (the left) which made it quite confusing as to how anyone managed to hit it.

A small voice piped up from the back seat, "Dumb point!"

This kid cracks me up.

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