Thursday, January 13, 2005

Good Day For Freebies

I went out to lunch earlier than usual today, i.e. at a time that normal people take their lunchbreak, and managed to score a free drink.

I said, "What's the deal? We take one and tell everyone how good it tastes?"
"Yes," said the girl supervising this, and then she proceeded to tell me about the carbonated reconstituted apple and guava juice with no added sugars/preservatives or anything artificial.

It tasted like the soft drink you used to buy from Coca-Cola - the pineapple crush, or whatever it was called. Smelt like pineapple, tasted like pineapple - but wasn't pineapple. They don't make soft drinks like they used to.

Bought A Memory Stick For My Digital Camera - Online

Took the plunge and bought something from Yankee Land online today. It was a 512MB Duo Pro memory stick from They'll give me $5 off my purchase if I give them a plug on my Website. Shameless, I know. But we are talking US dollars and not Australian pesos.

I'm not too silly to realise that the more links to their Website the higher up the rankings on the search engines they will climb and the more likely you are to find their Website and buy something from them. But, five bucks is five bucks. I'm frugal but five dollars in my pocket is $6.50 in my pocket. Know what I mean?

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