Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Liquid Nails Doesn't Fix Everything

I mentioned before that during the construction of the sewing room out the back that Liquid Nails was able to stick anything together.

I was wrong. The outside door knob came off a couple of weeks ago. I put it back on so that Miky would open the door and have it fly off in her hand. I knew that Yu-Jin would blame her for breaking it. Nice setup that.

The screw holding it on only had about 10mm of purchase so I put some Liquid Nails between the two surfaces and clamped it in position for a few hours. It didn't last long. In the end I purchased a new handle that requires two screws to keep it in place. Now, that is not going to fall off in a hurry.

I did think about putting the Liquid Nails to the test again, this time with my broken sunnies that Yu-Jin created a few weeks back. I clamped thit together and left it overnight. Sure, it was stuck together but the joint was very flexible. Ended up cleaning out the Liquid Nails and supergluing it together. That has done the trick.

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