Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Those Damn Fires

Gee, I wouldn't want to be an asthmatic in Perth for the next few days. Those damn fires that have been raging for the last five days have made a call for a road weather alert necessary. There is so much smoke in Perth it is amazing. I would loved to have had my camera with me as we drove through South Perth this morning to take a picture of the city but there wouldn't have been much to photograph - visibility was quite limited due to the smoke.

The fires have been going for five days now and the wind keeps changing direction and building it up again.

This morning I went for a bike ride. Not the sort of thing that I would recommend. Can say that I'd rather do without filling my lungs with smoke whilst trying to get some level of fitness.

A lot of people have been affected by the smoke in that their washing is getting covered in ashes or the smell permeates the clothes and we all know how difficult that is to get rid of.

Just hope that the smoke doesn't affect our plane tomorrow. Haven't heard that it will.

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