Monday, January 17, 2005

Fires Fires Everywhere

It appears that we have a few firebugs in our midst. Or should I just call the bastards arsonists? A lot of fires have been lit in Perth recently.

On the way to pick up Yu-Jin from childcare at Curtin Uni last week I noticed two helicopters grabbing water from the lake inside Curtin's boundaries. I didn't think much more about it. On the way home I noticed the smoke and we could see the helicopters circling. Once I had grabbed my camera to shoot a quick video they flew away never to return.

Only on Friday did I find out what they were doing exactly. Situtated only about one kilometre from our house there is quite a large area of bush/grassland that has been burnt out. Obviously deliberately lit.

On Saturday I went for a ride with Yu-Jin. We saw smoke and just as we got there so did the fire brigade. There was indeed another fire in the vicinity of the one earlier in the week. I didn't see any kids nearby or else I would have been pretty angry.

Later that night Yu-Jin and I were watching "Outbreak" starring Dustin Hoffman. We had the front door open for some breeze and I could smell a lot of smoke. I grabbed the phone and Yu-Jin asked me who I was calling and so I said "The fire brigade." He told me that I need to dial zero-zero-zero, which means that his head hasn't been completed filled with the USA's "911" emergency code (it is surprising how many shows you see that mention the emergency number), and I gave them a call. The fireman asked me if I could be specific but that wasn't possible - except that I had seen a fire that they had attended earlier in the day. Just in case there was a connection.

I went for a walk at a quarter past eleven and could see some smoke but it was a long way off to the south west.

Yesterday there was a lot of smoke from another fire south of us.

Where do these idiots come from and how do they get their jollies from lighting a fire that could destroy people's property. I used to enjoy burning materials in the incinerator at home but not going out and lighting dry grass or trees or anything. String these people up I reckon. Hanging is too good for them though.

It could so easily be on our doorstep and there is no need for it. Has anyone come up with a good idea for rehabilitating arsonists? Or is roasting them on their own fire the best we can come up with?

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