Saturday, January 08, 2005

Money Well-Spent - And Good Fun Too

I wouldn't say it was good clean fun but, I decided to buy some Drano (TM) today and unclog the bathroom drain underneath the basin. Thought I might as well buy the large container good for about 10 uses.

Followed the instructions and then did the same in the kitchen. It didn't work in the bathroom, although there was a lot of popping and fizzing, and the instructions said "(Mug) Do again if it didn't work the first time", or words to that affect, so I did it again. Still didn't have the desired effect. Worked fine in the kitchen though.

Made the trip to Bunnings and bought a $1.89 plunger. Crap went everywhere as I got to work with the plunger and it did it's job really well. Water flows out of that baby very nicely now.

Took me a little while to clean up the bathroom however. Funny thing was, Miky had just finished cleaning the basin before I got to work.

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