Monday, January 10, 2005

Restaurant Review - Siena's

Situated on Oxford Street in Leederville,and Mt Lawley (according to the Website - we have eaten there too) Siena's was a delightful surprise. Another surprise is that they have a second Website. One aspect that I don't recall experiencing before is the Children's Room. It is a very family friendly environment and most of the clientele on Sunday night were families.

It was nice to have pizza on the menu because Yu-Jin gives us no trouble. At least he doesn't ask for chips. Miky and Yu-Jin enjoyed a pizza marinara and I had veal parmigiana - the pasta was almost perfect. Interestingly, if you order water they only sell 1.5L Mt Franklin bottles - and cheaper than you could buy in the supermarket. I fully expected them to rip you off. It is a little unusual that they charge for water. For desert I ordered a profiterole with chocolate mousse inside - lovely.

I totally recommend Siena's in Leederville. They have plenty of wait staff and a chilly wind down your back if you sit in the wrong spot. The food is delicious and quite well priced.

It's even better when you have a voucher for one free meal up to $16.50.

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Annette said...

I man after my own heart. My husband and I are known as Cheap Charlie and the Coupon Queen. I guess that would be voucher in the UK? So, Voucher Vixen? LOL. Our favourite price is free. But once in a while you get a deal where they actually pay you to take it. For example when the coupons/vouchers inside a package/packet of say cereal are worth more than you paid for the cereal in the first place. My brother-in-law in the UK likes Force Wheat Flakes but couldn't get them at his local supermarket. He contacted the company and they sent him several vouchers and a list of shops in neighbouring towns where they were available.