Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Readership Demographic

An interesting thing happened recently. A Canadian lady read my blog and left a comment on my site. I responded to the comment and was able to learn a great deal about one of my readers. As a fellow Blogger she has a wealth of information available to read. I learnt that she has her own spiritual needs blog that she composes and that she's a teacher in Ontario. In fact, there appear to be many differences our personalities. The demographic of this reader is quite different to that of myself, from the information at hand. Intriguing, no?

I guess reading blogs is a bit like reality TV - or more like reality diaries, with possible interaction. It is great to be able to peer into someone's life and learn about them. I notice that Freaky Chick has some major relationship issues that she is overcoming and it feels good to be able to offer some support. The more I learn about the diverse readership, well there must be at least five of you, the more concerned I become about offending anyone.

Now I don't see this as a good thing. If I try to write my blog so as not to upset anybody then I may get to the stage where I am unable to write anything. I guess it is wise not to try to please everyone. And anyway, Frugal Bastard would not be about me anymore. There is a certain level I can't go below but I wouldn't want to change the way I do things for fear of other people's opinions. Within reason, of course.

So sit back and watch the crap roll on.

You Can Teach A Old Dog New Tricks

I've been using Ready Rooms recently to monitor hotel prices in Adelaide. It should be possible to pick up a good deal with only two weeks notice. Check it out for yourself.

I noticed one of the guys at work using a different Website to compare hotel prices and vacancies. I suggested Ready Rooms to him and we compared prices. His site was better than mine. Check it -

I learnt that there is a cheaper way. And a Frugal Bastard is always willing to learn how to spend less.

Frugal Bastard Wisdom

He who harbours no grudge has a great sense of understanding and human spirit - or he just has a poor memory.

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