Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Love The New Hotmail Login Screen

As soon as you login at Hotmail's new login screen up pops a message "We're sorry, the page that you have requested is not available, or may no longer exist." And then it lets you login, without any hassle.

Dumb point.

New Acronym For The English Language

MAWWEC - Middle-Aged Wanker With Expensive Car

I get sick of men of middle-age in their expensive cars, smoking, on their mobiles, swerving across lanes without indicating, speeding by at least 20 km/h etc, etc.

The car of choice is generally a BMW, Monaro, or Commodore (the flash metallic paint ones). Maybe Subaru drivers deserve a mention here. Oh, and Volvo drivers too. Definitely.

Just as yuppy (young upwardly mobile professionals or young urban professional) has entered the vernacular, so should mawwec. Give it a go.

Worse Than A Paper Cut

Yesterday, at work, I suffered something worse, and possibly more painful, than a paper cut. A manilla folder cut. Right down the side of my little pinky. Bugger. I wonder if Workers' Compensation is applicable?

Tsunami Aid Not Required

We don't need to see Michael Jackson saying that he wants to look after orphans from the Asian tsunami. The kids have lost enough. Let them maintain their innocence.

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