Saturday, January 15, 2005

Early Adopter

What does this term mean? It is supposed to describe somebody who purchases new technology, when only in its infancy, for the highest possible price.

I feel that it is closely related to the term nerd. Nerds have a liking for new technology. It doesn't make them part of the "in crowd" but it does deliver some level of self-importance.

My real feeling is that it is some politically correct term to make yuppies feel better about themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. The yuppies are behind this, as the term yuppie tends to be degrading and they crave the limelight.

I did see one a couple of days ago - a mid-30s woman, driving a new Mini, porn star sunglasses, whitened teeth and some large PDA which she was trying to use whilst driving. Perhaps these yuppies will kill themselves off by having accidents trying to use their "early adopted" technologies while driving.

Considerate Spiders

We have lots of spiders around our house. I guess that it has much to do with the fact we live across the road from a water sanctuary that is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Or maybe it is because I couldn't be bothered trying to get rid of them.

I like spiders. As long as they are considerate. There are currently six daddy long legs spiders in the living/dining room area and they hang out at the corners of the room near the cornice. These spiders, placid as they are, catch mozzies and moths quite well. I like to leave them alone. Miky doesn't like it when I feed them. Hey, they look after me. Why can't I do them a good turn?

The spiders outside of the house are, by-the-by, considerate by nature also. My favourite, who disappeared a couple of weeks ago, was situated just above my car in the carport. She, I'm assuming, had a lovely web that was left there all of the time. Most of the other spiders take their webs down in the morning and put them up again at night. I could see her asleep during the day. Her most considerate point was to construct the web just above my head level. I hate walking into spiderwebs. And I have an uncanny ability to do so. I miss by favourite spider.

There is a large and unconsiderate spider situated at our front gate. If we go for a walk at night time I walk into it's web. I find that quite annoying. We went for a walk last night and lo-and-behold I walked into the web. Later, when crossing a bridge, I walked through another web. It is a gift.

Hanky Heads

Does anybody know the name of the religion of the so-called "Hanky Heads"? That is the only name that I know them by. They aren't Amish and I didn't find anything on Google.

My concern is that there may be a breakaway Hanky Head religion. They are found in the Wild West in America or riding Harley Davidsons and the hankies have fallen from their heads and cover their noses and mouths. In the Wild West this religion was heavily involved in robbery and a Smith & Wesson was the tool of the trade. The Harley Davidson riders, closely related to the yuppies, don't seem to want their identities revealed also.

A most concerning religion.

Was She Making A Pass At Me?

Miky is starting to get on my case about my weight. I am still well within the healthy range for my height but about nine kilograms heavier than when we married. I was just a lot more toned at that stage and have done little sport since. Before going to bed the other night it wasn't "Goodnight, I love you." More like "Go for a 30 minute walk in the morning."

I awoke early, dreaming about work has a habit of making me want to get up, and got out of bed and made sure that the alarm was turned off. Miky opened an eye and muttered, "Are you going for a walk?"
"Nah, gonna go for a ride instead."

Pumped up the bike tyres and set off to the post office. The post box hadn't been checked for a few days and if there was anything large to collect I knew that the ladies who sort the mail would be there. I arrived just before 6 am following a brisk ride in the brisk early morning atmosphere. As it turned out there was a parcel to pick up. I rang the bell and Mary, a near-pensionable age Post Office worker, greeted me. She didn't recognise me, more about that later, and thought that riding the bike was a good idea. I mentioned that the wife had been on my case about going for a walk to lose weight but I decided to do something a little more constructive by picking up the mail at the same time.

Mary said, "If you lost any more weight we wouldn't see you."

Was that a thinly disguised pass? He he. When your friends comment about the size of your guts then you know something needs to be done. One doesn't generally pay attention to what the missus says.

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Hammy said...

Hanky heads are actually a religion called the Exclusive Brethren. Deemed to be a cult by some. I have good word from my best man that they weren't allowed to watch TV.