Saturday, March 27, 2010

AFL Ladder Prediction For 2010

Here's Frugal Bastard's long-awaited prediction for the final placings in this years AFL premiership competition. Hmmm, ok, maybe nobody has been waiting a long time for this. And the numbers of those waiting for a short period are thin on the ground too. But here are my predictions anyway.

1. Western Bulldogs. It's their time. Hopefully Brad Johnson stays fit. They are an exciting team and play the way I like to see it played.
2. Saint Kilda. They were lucky with injuries last year and that generally doesn't happen two years in a row. Will be up there though as they are a very balanced team.
3. Geelong. Fabulous team of hard nuts and talented footballers. Gary Ablett Jr. and Joel Selwood must remain fit.
4. Hawthorn. Probably have the most devestating forward line in the premiership. Will be a long way back from missing the finals last year, as defending champion, so I don't expect them to take the crown.
5. Adelaide. They have a very balanced squad and are quite strong in the forward line. I think that the aging stars in McLeod, Goodwin and Edwards will need to be carried a bit and this will count against them.
6. Brisbane. These guys could do anything. With Brendan Fevola in the forward line they'll have difficulty in keeping the scoring to the playing field. Jonathon Brown is the most fearsome player in the competition and would make my squad any day. Simon Black, as talented as he is, isn't getting any younger.
7. Collingwood. Much as I'd like to see them pick up a wooden spoon I think they'll make the eight.
8. Carlton. Second only in deserving of my vitriol, behind Collingwood, they're probably good enough to play finals.
9. West Coast Eagles. I don't see them having enough stars to play finals this year. Their backline isn't strong enough when Darren Glass is expected to do too much and they have a fragile forward line. Hard to beat at home though.
10. Essendon. Some big names departed over the summer, mainly from the forward line, and without consistent players up front and too much reliance on a good midfield that's not capable of kicking enough goals, they will be down the ladder this year.
11. Sydney. Not consistent enough to play finals. Have a few stars and will win eight or nine games for the season.
12. Port Adelaide. Lost a superstar in Shaun Burgoyne and has kept too many of the old stars. Can't see them winning more than seven or eight games.
13. Fremantle. I reckon they'll win about six games this year. Don't travel well but reasonably good at home.
14. Richmond. Is this the year for the Tigers? No chance! Could win four games though.
15. North Melbourne. Good team but lost so many stars and will rely too much on the old guys. Not much of a forward line and lost one of their best defenders in Josh Gibson to Hawthorn. Will struggle to provide an honest effort all season.
16. Melbourne. Can't see them doing anything this year except increasing discussion in the tanking debate. So many early draft picks but no self belief. Will make at least one game a week easy to pick in the tipping.


Anonymous said...

We'll have to wait and see. Maybe you should bet on it and win some bucks.

James said...

At least you are honest with your prediction, putting the bombers at number 10. I do think you are a little incorrect with your placing of Collingwood, I think they will place a little higer than 7th.

Hammy said...

Anon - can't bet on anything this early in the season.

James - Bombers are looking good for Anzac Day as the team playing poorly leading up to this match generally plays better on the day. I hate Collingwood, as you know, so it pains me to have them in the eight.