Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How Is The Mazda 6 Advertised In New Zealand?

It takes a lot of effort to create a brand and then market it sucessfully. The car market is no different. I remember many years ago hearing about a model of car in the United States called the Nova. It was apparently a decent car and they attempted to sell it in Mexico. Sales were really poor. Nobody knew why the car didn't sell as it had nothing to do with performance. That was, until someone realised that the name in Mexican meant "won't go".

I believe the Toyato Pajero translates to "wanker" in Spanish. I wonder how sales in Spanish speaking countries went. Perhaps it was another Nova in Mexico.

Had a thought today. The Kiwis have an odd accent. Sometimes I find it quite amusing. How do they market the Mazda 6 in New Zealand? With a heavy accent they would pronounce it as "Mazda Sux". Now, I'm fairly certain, that that isn't a great piece of marketing and not going to drive strong sales. Anyone got any feedback?


Anonymous said...

They need to think about that before they do it again. They could put the name into a translator on the computer and make sure it does not happen again. Another funny one is a Hyundi Accent. Some one said that sounds like Hi piece of poop. The other funny ones are Daihutsu. It sounds like die hot Sue. Funny like the Song "Mustang Sally". She better slow her Mustang down. Funny post Hammy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't care. That is so funny.