Tuesday, March 02, 2010

John Howard The ICC President-In-Waiting?

I heard recently that former Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, had had his name put forward to become ICC (International Cricket Council) president. I found out today that the New Zealand and Australian cricket boards have, in fact, nominated him and he will become vice-president and assume the position of president in 2012 as it passes to an Australasian in that year.

I mean, John Howard? President? He hates the word. It is almost as offensive to him as the word "republic". With a republic in Australia and a president as head of state there would be no opportunity for a knighthood from his beloved Queen Elizabeth II.

Secondly, John Howard is a conservative to the core. He abhors radical change. Cricket has long been deemed a game for traditionalists but we've seen Kerry Packer's pyjama cricket change the face of the game with its one-day limited overs format and, more recently, the introduction of the hugely successful Indian Premier League (IPL) by Lalit Modi. The game has been turned on its head. I can't see John Howard having the foresight to change the game fundamentally. He's more likely to call for a return to the majority of cricket being the five day test format.

John Howard is a cricket tragic. Has anyone described him as a political tragic? Afterall, he didn't see the writing on the wall at the last election when his deputy, Peter Costello, should have been elevated up the batting order to the position of captain.

I can see Howard pushing to have the position of president changed to a more comfortable one of PM. Ok, I stand to be corrected but I don't see that he has the vision to offer anything to the game. Perhaps he'll bring back tea and jam scones at the tea interval.


Susan Ham said...

What do they have for afternoon tea now? Tea an biscuits?I hate cricket, but, I think the game will suffer under his leadership. I always reckoned he led from the rear anyway.

Anonymous said...

He needs to get with the program!!