Monday, March 29, 2010

Suitable Licence Plate For A Tailgater

I hate tailgaters. As we were driving last night to the Yummy House, a Chinese restaurant, I was being tailgated. I even commented to the missus, "I hate people driving up my arse." It was a single carriageway with four lanes so there was no problem for the driver to overtake me. Tailgating at night time is even more stupid than during the day as you have less time to react to a situation.

I must say I almost had an accident caused by laughing when the car finally went past. The number plate was 1ANL...! I kid you not. How befitting for a tailgater.

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Anonymous said...

There are too awful bumper stickers for that. 1. Unless your a hemorroid stay off my ass. 2. If you are gonna ride my ass at least pull my hair. Ha ha Those bastard tailgaters!!!