Monday, March 01, 2010

Wasps Aren't The Smartest Insects

We had a wasp nest underneath the top of our fence just outside the side door which we removed recently. Upon pain of death, or so we felt. Fast forward a month or so and the nest is back. The Boy and I have spent the afternoons on this weekend with the water blasters but discovered that it's much more fun to blast the wasps flying around and then smash them with my sandals. On Saturday arvo I think we killed six or seven of the little critters. Yesterday they were back. Slow learners. Killed another 15 or 20 after discovering a second another congregation. You stun them with water and then can squash them. Sometimes they fall off the branch they are sitting on or the shade cloth and make easy targets.

I checked this morning and they were back where the nest used to be and looked rather busy. These insects just don't get the message and seeing as the past three days (we have a long weekend here in the West) have been 37.9, 36.4 and 39.1ÂșC it's been great water blaster weather. Once The Boy has finished his piano practice we'll be into them again. I think that I've bred little Hambo. General Gummi Bear he calls himself.

Smarten up wasps and move on.


Susan Ham said...

Just hope they ain't European wasps!!!

Hammy said...

I believe that they are the common variety.

Anonymous said...

Those buzzing bastards!!!

Iris Flavia said...

Eeeek, aren´t you afraid of getting stung??? Maybe I only know "European" Wasps... they do get at you!

Eeek. Insects.... anything with more than 4 legs is... eeek!