Saturday, March 27, 2010

Court Case I Was Going To Sit On - Result

The first court case that I was chosen as a juror for, and subsequently rejected by the defence, has just concluded. It was for a charge of people smuggling by an Indonesian fisherman by the name of Hasanusi and the reports can be found below. Looks like it did go for the full two weeks as expected.

Day 1 - The Australian
Day 2 - The Australian
Verdict - ABC


Anonymous said...

That is wacky alright! Good thing you did not have to stay and listen. How sad that must be. They are so overpopulated and many there work for like $1 a day if that.

Hammy said...

He was found guilty of bringing Iraqi citizens to Australia, not Indonesians.

Anonymous said...

The war is evil. That is sad.