Wednesday, March 03, 2010

He's A Marked Man. So Am I.

I enjoy my taekwondo. I especially like sparring against someone of a higher rank with, obviously, more skill than myself. I've always found that playing sport against better opponents, such as golf, brought out the best in myself due to my competitive nature. I'd try harder to bring myself up to their level. Taekwondo is no different. There is one particular 4th dan that I enjoy sparring against as I let him have it. With his considerable skill he shouldn't have any trouble handling me.

Monday last week I was sparring with a two-tip blue belt, 5th geup, (I'm a 9th geup so four levels below him) and he advanced towards me. I went to move backwards but he accidentally stepped on my foot. Then he unleashed a side kick into my quadricep. And I couldn't move. Talk about an immediate dead leg.

It took two days for the bruise to come out although you could certainly feel it. And it was quite black. Much like an Aunty-type bruise. There was still quite a bit of soreness associated with it so it wasn't until Friday that I returned to the scene of the crime, er, accident.

As my opponent entered the room he was heading out the back to get changed. I marked an X on his shoulder and told him that he was a marked man. Then I showed him the bruise. Funnily enough who do you think I had to spar with at the end of the class? Yeah, you probably guessed it. And didn't he run around like a scared chicken! I had no intention of hurting him but landed a few kicks to the midriff. Just so that he knew I could get through his defences. It was rather fun toying with him like that as I'd already psyched him out.

Five day old bruise. The camera takes most of the dark colour out of it.


Susan Ham said...

Is it just that I have lead a sheltered life, or am I getting old? Please explain, what is an 'auntie type' bruise???

James said...

I dunno what an Auty type bruise is either? But I think Hammy just needs to toughen up. Getting soft in your old age eh?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon. It could have been worse you could have gotten a broken neck. Better luck next time.

Hammy said...

Ma - just think of your sister and you'll know what I mean.
James - I'm toughening up. Just need to do it a little quicker.
Anon - plenty of time for payback.

Susan Ham said...

If you mean my big sis, I vaguely remember her showing me a huge bruise on her leg. I can outdo that, however. How about a deep purple bruise all over my right, ahem, cheek when I was thrown off a horse??? When I showed mum, she said she always suspected there was royal blood in our family.