Monday, March 29, 2010

Trip to Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea - Feb 1st 2010

Didn't do a hell of a lot today. Had a sleep in and after breakfast we went to purchase a netbook for Miky. I wanted her to have a look at one in the shop first to try it out. A new shop, iLoom, wanted W899,000 for the model that she had decided upon. Online it was available for W466,000. A difference of some A$430! Bit of a saving. Went to the nearby PC Bang and purchased it. I did some Internet banking to transfer money into my account. Then we had to go to a KEB (Korea Exchange Bank) so that I could withdraw the cash. Gave the money to my sister-in-law so that she could pay off her credit card at her bank. Bit of a process to purchase something online. And to think that shopping online is supposed to be easier.

All of the buildings in the area we went to the banks feature heavy advertising. And there were a few funny Konglish signs about too. It doesn't take too long to find them.

Got a business to advertise?

Korean apartments.

I-Brain. Koreans are not immune to fads.

Kim-Chi Lice. Sounds derishus.

Is this a building or a billboard?

The kids had a doughnut and hot dog whilst they were waiting for the banking to be done. We had decided to watch Avatar in 3D at the cinema and I only just had time to grab a bulgogi burger set from Lotteria for lunch. Passed the World Cup Stadium on our journey downtown. Could believe that we were parked at the 4th level below ground.

World Cup Stadium in Daejeon.

Cool parking attendant with nice dance moves at the entrance to Lotte's underground parking in Daejeon.

Tickets were W13,000/adult and W10,000/child when a normal movie cost W7,000. Still pretty good value. I must say that it took a bit of getting used to the 3D effect but I think that it will catch on. Enjoyed the movie even though it was my second viewing.

All set for Avatar in 3D.

For dinner The Boy preferred shabu shabu and we located a restaurant that served it. Poor fella has waited all holiday for this meal as he loves it after having tried it at home. Between the five of us we had two mimiwoo shabus, a spicy shabu with horrible tasting leaves (my choice) and sukiyaki shabu (delicious). Ate yoghurt ice creams afterwards and went downstairs in the Lotte department store so that I could purchase a pair of jeans.

Mimiwoo Shabu shabu.

Sukiyaki shabu shabu.

Something spicy from the Shabu shabu range.

I then caught the underground home with The Boy and his cousin. Obviously my niece doesn't use the underground much as she was worried about getting to the correct stop. Bit strange as everything is in her language but we played some cards to keep us amused. Had to have a bit of a guess which direction the apartment was from the station but chose the correct way. Loved all of the different spellings of "information" on signs around the place.




INFORMATION - at least one signwriter spelt it correctly.

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Milky is spoiled!!! Cool trips wow. Take care.