Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thank Goodness The Canadian Men Won The Ice Hockey

My missus wanted to have a bet with me over who would win the gold medal for the ice hockey at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Even taking into consideration the debacle of the round robin matches whereby Canada lost 3-5 to the US I still picked Canada to win the final. She picked the Yanks. I guess the most disappointing aspect of the final was that it was held at 4:30am my time and wasn't shown on the TV. I was up around 6am and had to grab snippets from a news feed. Canada 2-1, 2-2, Canada wins 3-2 in overtime. I couldn't see them making the same mistakes in the big game and thought that they surely would have taken something away from their earlier loss and incorporated it in their game plan.

Can you imagine how the closing ceremony would have been had the Canadian men not one the gold medal? I don't think that there would have been Canadians such as Michael J. Fox, William Shatner, Michael Buble, etc coming out of the woodwork to say "I'm Canadian".

And didn't Nickelback do no harm to their brand? What a brilliant performance of "Burn it to the Ground". I can't recall having heard it previously but when I went to find it on YouTube and typed in "Nickelback" in the search box the first suggestion was "Nickelback" which was followed by "Nickelback burn it to the ground". Obviously it made an impression and made it one of the most popular searches of the time. Avril Lavigne put on a performance that was so yesterday, Marie Mai was quite good even though I could only pick up a few words as she sang in French, the music from Hedley was better than the singing and who were the other performers?

Back to reality now that the Vancouver Winter Olympics have finished. Gonna be interesting being held in Sochi, Russia next time round.


Anonymous said...

They are richer than Americans. They passed a law in the 1900s only rich people could live there. They had snacks.

Iris Flavia said...

Brrr, Russia. Again such a cold country ;-)
This year the games could´ve taken place in Germany. Had enough snow, gah :-(