Saturday, September 20, 2008

Low Price Airfare To Bali But You Have To Spend More Money Otherwise You'll Be Visiting Schapelle Corby

Virgin Blue is offering AUD$199 tickets to Bali, one way, from Perth. It may seem like a great deal but, if you're a woman, you'll probably have to spend those savings buying some swimwear so that you don't end up staying with Schapelle Corby. The bikini is about to be banned in Indonesia because it is considered pornographic.

Gee, if my pornography has a bikini it isn't in the frame for long. He he. The bikini isn't the pornographic bit. That's almost laughable that lawmakers in the country could consider a bikini to be pornographic.

My missus used to work in a swimwear store and I don't think that it's more expensive to purchase a one-piece bathing costume than a bikini. So, it probably will end up being a good deal to go to a country overrun by drunk, druggies from Australia.


Anonymous said...

Quit running around in a bikinni lol or you may get arrested for indecent exposure when they ban them there. Lol Don't your you know whats hang out?? Lol That is too much Porn ha haha You Aussie drunk druggie lol jk They probably want some population control. That is a poor are where it is banned and all but, there are a lot of people. I wonder why???

Anonymous said...

Correction that is a poor country AREA