Monday, September 08, 2008

Fathers' Day 2008

The Boy and I arose early enough on Fathers' Day. He'd made me a card and Miky had bought some chocolates. The only present I want is to go and play golf which I'll probably do in a couple of weeks.

We went to the markets for the fruit and veg and the Angry Almond shop to buy nuts, soy and rice cracker snacks along with some special chocolates for the day. I bought cherry ripes, choc honeycomb and clinkers. Yum. We did wait until we got home before eating them.

Then it was off to a new cafe, Rifolo's I think it is called, for brunch. Gee, the place was busy and we had to wait a few minutes for a table inside to become available. For brunch we had a Ficarra pizza and pancakes with maple syrup. The pizza was great (I don't know how they managed that with eggplant on it) but $15 for only two pancakes?! Not so impressive. Overall it wasn't bad. Following our meal we wandered around the streets of Victoria Park whilst the by rode his scooter.

Back home and it was time to watch the footy, Geelong vs St Kilda. I rang my old man to wish him a happy Fathers' Day. The footy wasn't that exciting so the washing was hung out and a bit of gardening done during it. The Boy and I mucked around wrestling over a miniature football in the lounge for a while.

Later that evening we had bulgogi, what else seeing as it was a Sunday, and then we watched a movie from my childhood, Storm Boy. Great family fare and a good way to finish off the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that is great. I am glad you had fun. I found out my relative is from Perth. I would like to go one day. You live in a great area. Your friend, Annette