Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conjuctivitis Strikes Again

By definition conjunctivitis isn't lighting as it has struck in the same place twice. I believe that lighting is described as being a phenomena anyway. Hmm, electricity is. Anyhow, I have become afflicted again but only in the right eye. I'm not sure why my conjunctiva decided to become inflamed again but the fact is they have.

That night I toddled on down to the very cost competitive Asian-run chemist not too far away. Lo and behold they had sold out. And they hadn't had the second product that they recommended for two weeks. But they gave me the name and I asked what the price was - $13.50. So I ventured to the chemist that was situated on the way home. They had the very substance but at an inflated price of $16.95. It hurt this Frugal Bastard to hand over the extra money but I had no choice.

Yesterday I was Mr Cool. As my eye was very fiery I wore sunglasses. All day. Inside. I was the coolest-looking person in the office. I dunno if it did anything for relieving strain on my eye but damn I looked cool.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to clean your door knobs ect or you will get it again. You should take a daily vitamin and don't over shower or it can cause this too. You could use a dry eye eye drop daily to prevent it in the future. I hate to turn over extra money too if I could have got it cheaper. Annette P.S. I hope you are better soon.

Hammy said...

The eye isn't too bad today. Those expensive drops did the trick.