Friday, September 26, 2008

Sixty Five Dollars To Be Told I'm "Getting Old"

I played a lot of sport when I was younger. I was into athletics, soccer, football, volleyball, squash, grass hockey, golf and cricket. That takes a bit of a toll on the body as you can expect. Every now and again, but not too often, I would suffer from patella tendonitis - a sore knee. The pain would go away in a day or so after some rest so it wasn't a big deal.

I'm not doing any sport these days so when the pain returned I just let it go for a while. That while turned into the last three months or so. There was pain climbing steps and even getting into the car. The last straw came when playing soccer against The Boy on the weekend and I went to chase a ball and the pain shot into my knee and stopped me. Hmm, time to see a doctor.

Had to wait two days to get an appointment and it was at a clinic I hadn't been to before but not far from home. Arrived 15 minutes early to fill in the patient record paperwork and then waited for another hour to see the doctor. Who Weekly had an interesting article on Christie Brinkley's divorce and the life and death of Jane McGrath from cancer. I did notice a copy of Australian Shooter on the table - The magazine for sporting shooters. Rather odd magazine for a waiting room methinks. What if you were seeking psychiatric help?

The doctor finally came to see me and it appears that he has the same problem. He informed me that you can have an MRI but it won't show much. He'd seen two orthopaedic surgeons and was asked, "When you were a kid what did a 39 year old person look like to you?"
"Old" was his answer.
"Exactly" replied the orthopaedic surgeon.
So, although I'm not 39 I'm old. I can do some exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle on that leg but that's about it. And it cost me $65 for the privilege. I thought whilst I was there I'd have my eyes checked and he said my vision was better than average. That's good but probably tells me that I spend too much time in front of the screen as it can be difficult to read a book at the end of a day.

Getting old it is. Or am I already there?


Susan Ham said...

If you think you are old, what does that make me?

Anonymous said...

Hammy you are over the hill lol you are young so, get a clue. Annette

Iris Flavia said...

Well, bet any 60+ y-o will look and you and think, oh, my, when I was that young....!

Feel better? ;-)

Susan Ham said...

Hey, Iris, I am 60 and I am his mother. I agree with you, though

Joe said...

Same thing here. The more I work out, the more aches I feel. My knees and hamstrings were killing me as I climbed the stairs this morning.

Old...yes. That's about right.

Hammy said...

Joe, if you consider that climbing stairs constitutes a work out then you are old! He he.