Saturday, September 27, 2008

Frugal Bastard 2 : Mice 0

I noticed that we have mice again so I set up a trap in the kitchen using a chinese cracker. Sure enough there was a dead mouse in the morning. Next morning I saw one scurrying along the window sill in the kitchen so last night I set a trap there using half a peanut for bait. This morning there was no mousetrap on the window sill. It was on the floor with another mouse caught. I will score for the mice if they manage to take the food and not set the trap off.

Frugal Bastard 2 : Mice 0


Anonymous said...

Candy works better.

Susan Ham said...

I think we have a rodent of some kind in my computer room. Yuk! I saw something scoot past and it was too big to be a mouse!! It is lying low though.