Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Got A Parking Ticket

I picked up a parking ticket on Monday and I'll be damned if I'm going to pay it. I've never received a parking ticket before and I have no plans to ruin that record. I took the bus to work that day anyway.

Ok, I picked it up from the verge. Miky said that a van drove by earlier in the day and it flew out the window. Yes, it's not for my vehicle. I bet the guy that lost it will be annoyed. It's a $50 fine if you agree to pay within 28 days. If not, it escalates in the amount of action taken by the law, the monetary figure increases and the possibility to have your licence suspended gets closer. I'm rather glad that it's not my ticket.

Parking ticket.


Susan Ham said...

Best kind of parking ticket. It ain't yours and ain't gonna cost you a cent.

Anonymous said...

Can you mail it to the person who's it is as a kind gesture?? What we do comes back to us. That sucks. Good thing it as not yours. Good luck is yours. Annette

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute it happened in January and is due in September ?? We have to pay faster than that in the US. You are all lucky. We have to go and fight in court like dogs. Annette

Iris Flavia said...

50 bucks for parking in the wrong place?! Where did he leave the car, in an emergency entrance?
I got one once some years ago and that was 5 €!
Good thing indeed it´s not yours!

Hammy said...

Annette - I see where you are confused. Much of the world uses DD/MM/YYYY as the date format. It happened on the 1st of September.

Can I mail it to the person who littered on my verge? Um, no. He was inconsiderate on both counts and besides, I don't know the person's address. I hate people that park where and when they're not supposed to so I do think they'll get everything coming to them that they deserve.

Iris - inflation has been rampant in this part of the world.

Oh, I am evil and filled with hatred.

Anonymous said...

Sorry he littered but, his life must suck. Hopefully things will get better for all. Hammy maybe his Mom was a drunk who beat him. Sorry I read the date wrong. Those people need help not hate. Enjoy your day. You are not full of hate and evil. You had a wonderful family who loved you and you still do. Smiles and enjoy yourself. Annette