Saturday, September 20, 2008

Konglish Word Of The Week

Some time ago, December 2004 to be exact, I brought to the attention of the world a word that Miky used and could only be described as Konglish - Korean English. It even made a listing on as a catchword.

Last night we were discussing the plans for today. Miky has a scrapbooking class to attend so The Boy and I are going to spend the day together. We plan to do our fruit and veg and nuts and snacks shopping at Subiaco Markets and then sit down for some lovely crepes. He has his mind set on ham and cheese. I'm partial to the banana and chocolate but the maple syrup is also delicious. After that I have to visit the chiropractor. Maybe we'll then go to the pool, have lunch and it'll be time to head to taekwondo. Next on the agenda will be some soccer or football and somewhere we need to fit in computer game time. Miky doesn't want to have breakfast with us, I could drop her off for her class, and thinks that she might go to McDonalds and have breakfast by herself. That's when she introduced the new Konglish word of the week - "familyless". She was worried that a woman of her age going to McDonalds and eating breakfast alone would be seen as familyless.

It's hard to argue that the word is incorrect as it conveys its meaning very well, don't you think? Konglish is alive and well.


Anonymous said...

Cool how do you say Bastard in it?? Lol Have fun!! Annette

Hammy said...


Frugal Bastard - 검박한 잡종

Hammy said...

Bastard translates as 모조 (mo jo). So, if you are looking for your mo jo that could be a bit of a bastard, eh?

Anonymous said...

Lol I found out that many people are Korean that moved to different parts of the world. The majority of them have type A positive blood. It is amazing!! Annette