Tuesday, April 01, 2008


The boy had a bit of homework the other day involving opposites. There was a list of words and he had to find the opposites. Most of them involved adding the suffix 'un'. E.g. Hinge - unhinge, related - unrelated, real - unreal.

He asked me what the opposite of 'succeed' was. Now, I don't believe in turning him into a robot so of course I couldn't say 'fail', so I told him it was "suck". If you don't succeed then you suck. Makes sense doesn't it? I just hope he doesn't tell his teacher.


Anonymous said...

Shame on you Hammy!! What is the word opposite for the name Hammy???

Susan Ham said...

You are living in fantasy land if you think a seven year old is not going to 'dob' on you!!You ONLY tell kids things you want the world to know!
Now, wipe the egg off your face.

tmz_99 said...

Wait till he discovers the word of prefixes.. :P