Thursday, April 10, 2008

Newest Olympic Sport

There should be a new Olympic sport at this years Beijing Olympics. Protesting should make its official Olympic debut. Several countries are partaking in qualifying events in the lead up to the Games. France and the United Kingdom have been at the forefront and the United States has just picked its representatives. Tibet will have a strong field, if allowed into the Olympic Village.

For those of you not familiar with the sport of protesting it borrows much from many other sports. There are elements of wrestling, fencing (or walling - remember the Great Wall of China? It's not just there to keep out the rabbits.), taekwondo and shooting. Let's not forget the discus-like tear gas canister throwing and the cheering on of the team by supporters. One popular rallying cry at the moment is "Free Tibet!"

Competition for places on the teams is fierce and it might even be easier to obtain a position in one of the relay teams. I'm still expecting China to take the gold medal in this event but it will be closely fought. Literally.

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Anonymous said...

I agree but, I hope the US brings home at least a few silver medals!! Take care. Annette