Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Foxy Loxy

Got a bit of a shock last night when returning from taekwondo. We'd just about reached home when I spotted, quite clearly, a fox by the roadside. No mistake about it. From a distance it appeared similar to a dingo but it was much smaller. I've seen a wolf in Los Angeles but never a fox in Perth. We parked the car and went to look but it had shot through by then.

Once inside I rang the council who take care of animals and left a message. Andrew, one of the council rangers, phoned back a couple of minutes later and said that they looked after domestic animals only and that I should talk to CALM - Conservation And Land Management. We had a bit of a gasbag and he said that on night shift he quite often spots foxes in our area. Shows how much I drive around at night time, doesn't it?

What I'm most worried about is our pet rabbit who spends all day running around free in the backyard. He's an open invitation for lunch should the fox smell him.


Susan Ham said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fox has probably already smelled him. They are getting more daring because of the drought

David (Staypuff) said...

You rabbit should be ok during the day. We used to have foxes where we lived (before the urban sprawl in Perth) and they would never venture out during the day. Our rabbit was out all day and had no problems. Make sure its locked away at night.

But as Susan mentioned, the drought may make them a little more desperate.

Susan Ham said...

Hey, David, I am Frugal bastard's mum.

Joe said...

Clearly you're going to need to teach the rabbit how to fight.

Anonymous said...

Show him Bug's bunny cartoons ha ha