Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What Are The Customs Import Restrictions In China?

Australia is quite strict when it comes to what you can, and can not, bring into the country. We are rather generous when it comes to the amount of goods that you can import before having to pay import duties, around the $900 per adult mark I believe, and that probably has more to do with politicians going on overseas junkets and wishing to buy their goods duty-free. Quarantine is a different matter. It is very difficult to import wood, grass, food or animal products. Even baby formula is banned from importation. We're careful about diseases, that's for sure.

I wonder what you are allowed to import into China? How strict are Chinese Customs? I find it very hard to imagine a Chinese Customs official saying, "No, you can't bring that into the country," mainly because practically everything that you buy is made in China anyway. You're not about to hear, "That toaster looks suspect," because it was made in China.

I think Chinese Customs officials would be just as stern as every other country's Customs officials but there would be very little that wouldn't be allowed to be imported.


Anonymous said...

Why do they own so much of the US and could take us over??? You tell me Hammy you are smart!! Annette

Hammy said...

Perhaps they own so much of the US because so many US dollars are flowing into the country and they don't want to buy their own cheap crap.