Saturday, April 19, 2008

Giving Myself The Evil Eye

On Thursday my right eye was bugging me. Much like have a bit of "sleep" stuck in the eye. I washed it a few times during the day but the irritation just wouldn't go away. Come Friday and the eye was very fiery. Everyone at work commented on it. Although it wasn't painful it was annoying.

Wandered down to the nearest chemist. His diagnosis was that the eye was infected and that I required antibiotics. Not the sort of news I wished to hear. I bought some eye drops, the best that the chemist had and recommended. If the eye didn't clear up within 48 hours it would be time to visit the doctor.

Went back to work and after another three hours or so had had enough. Time to go home. I caught my boss wandering past as I was at the photocopier and called out to him, mentioning that I was going to go home. His response was, "Did your wife throw something at you?" It's funny when someone not known for his humour tries to make a joke.

Had to go out for tea for the missus' birthday and I'm not sure if she really wanted to be seen in public with me. He he. We went to The Bellhouse Cafe and then to Dome in South Perth. The meal and cakes afterwards were quite nice.

Saturday morning dawned, I ignored it as long as I was able to, and then awoke. The fire had died down in the eye and it didn't feel too bad. Spent the day shopping for croissants for breakfast and then installing some chicken wire on the gate to keep the rabbit inside before heading off to taekwondo. All this evening Miky and I have been viewing Korean music videos on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

I got those before be weary of stray kittens. They carry pink eye. I do not pet them anymore and I have not had it all year. Good luck and I hope you are better. Annentte P.S. Mr. Boss man is a bitty nuts eh?

Hammy said...

Nah, my boss is ok.

Anonymous said...

He's just a mean S.O.B.because, of Shorty the head of Korea could he be a bit Prejudice????