Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wrong Way, Jose

Perhaps in this case it should be "Wrong way, Josephine." Yesterday there was a new bus driver on the route that I take most often. She didn't appear to be in a good mood and one can only guess the reasons for this. About five minutes into the journey she was supposed to make a left turn to continue but instead she just carried on. I was reading a newspaper and so didn't notice for another couple of minutes. I was thinking that we were going to arrive in the city fairly quickly and that there would be quite a few irate usual passengers, especially those who would have seen the bus go past as there is a stop quite close to the turning point and there are two regulars who get on the bus there.

Halfway into town and the driver stopped at a bus stop even though the traffic lights just ahead were green. At this point I believe she realised that she'd taken a wrong turn and decided to pick up as best she could. Back to the usual route we went but she didn't double back. Seeing as the bus comes only about every 30 minutes for that route I'm glad that I wasn't one of the stranded passengers. I quite often see one of them when I'm leaving work but yesterday this wasn't the case. I'll have a chat if I do see him though but I don't think that he'll be laughing about it too much.


Anonymous said...

Say no Way Jose!! Ha ha ha ha that is messed up. Better ride tommorow!!! Annette I had one go down the road the wrong direction of traffic. Top that!!!

Hammy said...

I arrived at work probably a minute or two earlier than normal. Can't beat the wrong way bus however.