Sunday, April 13, 2008

Busy Weekend

After working Saturday morning I was given a job of finishing off the taps in the bathroom for the afternoon. The night before we had a plumber come around and he said that there was nothing wrong with the pipework therefore it was the new, and expensive, taps that meant water could not be shut off. Miky changed the taps in the morning as the shop assistant agreed that they would leak.

Talk about a frustrating afternoon. Journeyed to the nearest hardware store after they said that they had male and female adapters. Having just called eight or nine plumbing supplies stores and not receiving a single answer I was already in a bad mood. Arrived at the store and the assistant realised that he was thinking of a different tap altogether. I installed one of the taps and after turning the water on it was quite obvious that the same problem existed with the replacement taps. I then tried to remove the tap. The extender that I already owned just loosened off and left the rest of the tap there. Had to go back to the hardware store and purchase a tap spanner. As soon as I arrived home I discovered that the newly bought tap spanner was the wrong size.

So I travelled to another hardware store as they had more tap spanners on offer. Purchased a multi-sized one but couldn't obtain a different spindle for the tap. The new tap spanner worked well except for the fact that it only removed a cover. Luckily I was able to put an adjustable spanner on the spindle to remove it.

To say that I wasn't in a good mood by this stage would be an understatement. Two hours or more of my life that I'll never get back.

Miky had purchased a CD tower for me from Ikea so I gave up on the bathroom and started doing something for the bedroom. Time flew by and it was soon time to go out to tea with some friends from interstate. Quick Korean-style bath in the bathroom and went to pick them up from their hotel (he's a workmate) and we ventured to Senoji, our favourite Japanese restaurant. Ended up ordering too much food but nothing went to waste. After our meal we went to South Perth for a walk along the foreshore. Great night out. Should do this more often.


Breakfast. Fruit and veg shopping. Cleaning the house. Furniture put in the shed for storage, installation of a blind, two shelves, three downlights and fixing the bookcase to the wall before it tips over. Some four hours of my time (working on the house that is) well spent. Got to listen to two games of football. Had a shower after cleaning up and the boy and I went to the pool. Nice way to finish the afternoon. Miky had prepared bulgogi for us and after I did a few vegies it was time to cook. Lovely meal it was too.

Time for a rest - must go back to work.


Susan Ham said...

The late Joyce Grenfell said in one of her skits, 'You need a holiday, to get over a holiday.' It would appear that you can apply this maxim to your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Another good description is the song "Holiday" By Madonna. We need a holiday!!! Busy Busy Busy like honey bees. Have a great week. Annette

Joe said...

Rough start, but glad to see the weekend finished well.