Monday, April 28, 2008

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

This three day weekend was a most welcome and unusual one. I normally have a day and a half off and it's usually spent rushing around. Friday was pretty full-on with Anzac Day but Saturday was a bit more relaxed.

We went shopping together in the morning and ended up buying another electric toothbrush. Our old one is long in the tooth, if you'll pardon the expression, as it is about nine years old. Bought a super-duper whiz-bang one, with a free hand set, in Myer. They had it on special but I found another shop where it was on sale for $20 cheaper and got them to do a price match. The MyerOne points made the choice for place of purchase.

Saturday afternoon saw me prepare the bathroom for painting. Gee, it took ages just to put the masking tape around the ceiling cornice in preparation and then Miky made a lovely Korean seafood pancake for lunch which interrupted proceedings (nicely). She took the boy off to taekwondo and I did the painting. Once it was finished and I'd cleaned up even though I wanted to watch the football or jump on the computer I controlled myself and cleaned the house.

Sunday, after a sleep-in (I'm a sleep-deprived person [of my own doing]), the boy and I had a Weetbix eating competition. Well, not really, but I made him have cereal for breakfast as all he ever wants is toast and that's not great brain food. He actually started off with a banana and then ate six Weetbix. Yes, six. Scrawny little bugger he is and he managed to put them away. I had eight for breakfast which was a bit of a struggle. I used to have 10 for brekkie. After breakfast we went across the road to kick the football. About 20-25 minutes later I decided that a walk along the wetlands through the bush would be a good idea. Yu-Jin really enjoyed that and just as we finished mum joined us. So we showed her our new walk and that started the ball rolling. She decided that a walk through the wetlands would be a good idea. It was thoroughly enjoyed and talk of bushwalking came about. Maybe next weekend we'll drive up into the hills and do some bushwalking followed by a picnic.

Back home I cooked a BBQ lunch and watched some footy whilst the other two watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which was taped from the night before. Finished reading the Sunday newspaper, which is a rarity in itself and joined them.

Sunday night is bulgogi night so we kept that tradition going followed by viewing So You Think You Can Dance Australia grand final. I'm a bit of a homophobe but I was very disappointed to see that Rhys didn't win and only came runner-up. He's a superb dancer who lives for his art and has captured the imagination of many over the last three months. Maybe the Rainbow vote isn't as strong as everyone would have us believe. Jack is a worthy winner however.

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Good going enjoy your self. Annette