Saturday, April 05, 2008

Childless For The Night

The Boy's best friend's father invited him to stay over for the night. Sounds like a deal to me. He stayed at our house a few weeks ago. Gee they have some fun when they are together.

So, what does a loving couple do when they are childless for a night? They sell some secondhand furniture to a recently arrived Korean woman. It was obvious, wasn't it? But what might surprise you is that after loading a three seater sofa in the back of a station wagon she told us that she'd need help putting it into her house as her husband was working in Poland. She'd decided to come to Australia for her kids' education in the interim. We dressed up to go out for tea and headed to her house. It wasn't far away and near a restaurant zone.

Lo and behold we were unable to fit the sofa through the front door. It wasn't going to squeeze down the side entrance nor the back. Ha! Then Miky thought about taking a flyscreen off the front window and passing it through the window. No problem! I didn't need to get sweaty in my good clothes but there you have it.

Nice pumpkin and pistachio risotto with a chicken and avocado foccacia for tea at Dome in Northbridge. Haven't been there for a while. Then we visited the city where I bought a shirt with my birthday money. Thanks mum. Also purchased Green Day's American Idiot CD for ten bucks.

Funny thing happened in Myer - I bumped into a guy I went to uni with. He recognised me and I recognised him but neither of us could for the life of us remember each others name. Still carried on a conversation though. Then, when I went upstairs, I bumped into my old project manager who left a few weeks back. Talk about having a night out.


Susan Ham said...

Sounds reminiscent of,'Something funny happened on the way to the Forum.'

Anonymous said...

He'll be allright don't worry. Have fun. I bet it is a nice couch too. Have a great weekend. Annette HAppy Birthday!!!!!!