Monday, March 31, 2008

Bathroom Is Nearly Done

It's been two and a half weeks and we almost have our bathroom back. Almost, but not quite. The tiler finished on Sunday and it left me with some sealing of the grout to do and install the new taps for the shower and bath. I had some shower plug and the tiler, Jason, thought that it would be enough to do the job. Managed to do the shower twice and the basin once but I'll have to get some more to do the basin again and the floor twice. Otherwise the grout will go mouldy and blech. Cleaning the tiles prior to putting the sealant on kicked up so much dust my hair turned white. It all means that the finished product, sans shower screen, has been postponed by another 24 hours. Bugger. Miky had had about enough of bathing out of a bowl. Funny. A Korean bath suited her for years before coming to this country.


Susan Ham said...

Can't wait to see the photos.

Anonymous said...

Yes photos please!! Annette