Sunday, March 16, 2008

Small Gripe About "So You Think You Can Dance Australia"

Our family enjoys "So you think you can dance Australia" and it is great family viewing. I couldn't tell you who the judges are, not being big into dance myself, but I suspect that Bonnie Lythgoe is the wife of Nigel Lythgoe from "So you think you can dance" fame in America. A quick check of Wikipedia reveals that they were married until early 2007.

Jason Coleman tells it how it is and, even though he is the last judge to pass comment, he is always the first to thank the choreographers involved. My gripe involves anything he has to say about Jason Gilkison turns into a "How much I love this guy", "I want to have his children" or "The Bradman of the Ballroom" suck-up gush-fest. It looks like he's trying to get a job or something from his idol. Fair enough to say that the choreography is great but comment more on the dancers instead of pushing your adoration of Mr Gilkison.


lori said...

in the first week, he took a few pot shots @ a couple who were doing a punk version of the jive, and gilkison was the choreographer. He took shots at the choreography aswell, saying he didn't get "it" and thought it wasn't really gel'ing.

I think since then, he's been sucking up because he flayed JG in that first episode.

Anonymous said...

One big joke is I used to be able to break dance. How dorky!! What will I subject myself to next hick square dancing or country line dancing or even dirty dancing ugh one just can't win!!!

Joe said...

Bu the question remains. How does one go about dancing Australia?

Anonymous said...

Dance like Patrick Swayze in the Dirty Dancing video "I had the time of my life'. Now that would be cool or dance like Men at work because, they rule. YOu all had those fabulous BEE GEES too. Come on you tell me ha ha