Friday, March 14, 2008

"Have A Proper Shower Tonight."

Last night my missus said to me, "Have a proper shower tonight." I chastised her slightly for treating me childishly. I mean, does she think that I don't have a proper shower usually and that tonight she be different for some reason.

The reason I didn't get too upset is because we are having the bathroom retiled and a bath installed. Yep, time to blow all our money on a bathroom renovation. I've taken the "before" shots and the "after" shots will have to wait a week. Therefore, we won't be able to have a "proper" shower for the next week. Isn't it funny that the weather has cooled dramatically, by around 10 degrees off the daily maxima, when we will lose use of the nice, hot shower? Murphy must have something to do with that.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she wanted to get FRESH with you ah ah ha hha Annette

Susan Ham said...

I wait with bated breath for the story and pics.