Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rabbit - How He Became An It

Well, I must say that Stew was pretty aggressive towards me this morning. It's not a good thing when he stays in the laundry and you have to go by at 2:30 to visit the little boy's room and he feels that you are invading his territory. He charged me and I was taken aback by his aggressiveness.

Later on, whilst I was at work, Miky called to say that the rabbit specialist was unhappy that she hadn't brought him in for his operation - to go from a "he" to an "it". She'd booked it a week ago so don't blame me.

The vet said that he was about six months old and that we would have to pay extra to remove his balls as they were huge. Stew came home a very sorry little rabbit, let me give you the tip. No more "balls 'n all" rugby-style tackles for him, no siree. No more viewing the Nutcracker ballet. He doesn't feel like such a man today. A rabbit with a high-pitched squeak is a bit unusual.

We're only $192.50 out of pocket for the experience!!! "Not expensive", the girl at Pet City said about the desexing.

Miky is so cruel. All the girls at work who've owned rabbits told her to desex him. They are all the same. Women are all the same. Cruel with intent. And she had meatballs for tea. See, nothing fazes her. I'd better watch myself.


Anonymous said...

Poor Bunny!! When is Milky gonna de ball you?? I hope she never pulls a Lorana Bobbette.YOu know the woman who cut off her husband's wonder worm??? Not all women are the same. I'm not ha ha Annette I kept my rabbit's balls!!! Good luck!!!

Hammy said...

Never trust a woman with a knife in her hand. And never cross a woman with a knife in her hand. Did I mention that the vet was a lady?

Anonymous said...

You know, a rabbit isn't much unlike a dog- If you give them enough attention and training they will be your best friend, but, if they get the wrong attention they can be the worst friend. By the sounds of it you should've gotten an 6-8 wk old baby bunny and you might have had more luck with him not being aggressive.
Also, i don't think Mikky will cut your bits off, she loves you too much!