Friday, March 14, 2008

"He Died Doing What He Loved."

"He died doing what he loved." That's rather an odd saying, isn't it? This line is usually reserved for someone who dies whilst undertaking a dangerous sport and/or occupation such as; racing car driver, mountaineer, hot air balloonist, etc.

Strangely enough you never hear the phrase used in for following professions:

Commercial airline pilot
School bus drivers
Taxi drivers


Anonymous said...

Good points but the best song for funerals is by the Beatles "live and let Die". Don't you think? Annette

Hammy said...

Reasonable song choice.

Nick Souter said...

Well, unless I die whilst naked on a tropical island surrounded by 20 naked Elle Mcpherson's taking it in turns to give me combinations of oil rubs and handjobs at the same time, then I guess you could say the term "Dying Doing What I Love" doesn't really apply to me either :)