Saturday, March 08, 2008

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Boxhead has been a favourite of Yu-Jin and I for quite some time. Well, it appears that the latest version, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars, is the best yet from Sean T Cooper.

The Game - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

It's probably not suitable for kids. But it is fun. Top that for a high score, Nick.

Watch the trailer!!

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars - Frugal Bastard's High Score on The Road To Hell level.
Me in the final act of dying on Boxhead: The Zombie Wars.


Anonymous said...

Cool thanks!! Annette

Nick Souter said...

that's a bloody good score, tough game coz it doesn't give you time to stop and think about how to set your fort up, my brain doesn't work fast enough to do it before the zombies start coming at me again!

Hammy said...

Sounds like you didn't beat it. That was my first game. It was on beginner's level though.

tata sifra said...

Boxhead 2