Monday, March 24, 2008

Visit To Heirisson Island

Today we visited Heirisson Island with some friends with a view to seeing the Western Grey kangaroos on the island and conducting an Easter egg hunt for the children.

We met at our friends' house first as they had a visitor and not enough seats in their vehicle. After arriving at the island, situated between the south part of Perth and the city itself, and which we travel over every day but never stop, we wandered off to the side of the island where the kangaroos are housed. There is a statue of Yagan, a local Aboriginal who involved in several disputes and murders (or retaliation killings as retribution per tribal law) with early white settlers, stands on the island. The Wikipedia article on Yagan is quite informative.

Finally we found the kangaroos, although they only numbered five. Very tame, they were. Everyone could go right up to them and pat them. Quite an experience for the children. One in particular was very friendly.

Kangaroo paw

Back to the other side of the island and then I found a reasonable spot to conduct the Easter egg hunt. The children were playing in the playground and so I dispersed the eggs. They enjoyed finding them although it took a while for the last one to be discovered. Then we sat down and had kimbap (sushi) and dumplings for tea. Not a bad way to finish the day. Even better when we started to eat the chocolate eggs.


Susan Ham said...

What time did we play Scabulous then?

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks all great now, I want a pet Kangaroo!! Take care. Annette

Hammy said...

We played Scrabulous early in the morning.

Iris Flavia said...

So cute, they´re tame even! (I´d be kinda afraid of those claws, though. One came very close up to me at Bowling Green Bay NP - I had to call Ingo and he gave the Wallaby (right?) water from his coffee-mug. Little Bugger wanted more, so cute - see here (that was in '95)

Wonder where they all hid when we were there!

Hammy said...

I'd have to say that it was a kangaroo and not a wallaby.